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আইসিটি রিসোর্স সেন্টার (ICT Resource Center)


Welcome to the ICT Resource Center of Faridpur Engineering College. It is situated in Multipurpose Building includes multimedia classroom facilities with Computers and fast-paced Internet access. The ICT Resource Center can accommodate 100 users at a time in its well-furnished room.


ICT Resource Center offers services in the field of information and communication technologies in the form of Training, Workshops, Counseling, Seminars, Certification and Validation of knowledge. So ICT resource center is designed to meet the computing & communication needs of the institution.  


Objectives of ICT Resource Center:

  • Creating awareness among prospective teachers about information and Communication Technology (ICT) and its use in teaching-learning.
  • Training prospective teachers for using different ICT tools.
  • Developing competency among prospective teachers in the use of offline and online electronic resources.
  • Encouraging prospective teachers to use ICT for improving classroom teaching and also for their own professional development.
  • To enhance access to quality teaching and learning and promote lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Better technical support for teachers as they use ICT for teaching and learning.
  • Train all teachers on the use of ICT and web-based materials.
  • Development of ICT infrastructure.
  • Human Resource Development/Training.
  • Ensuring Cyber Security.
  • Enlarge pedagogical portfolio with ICT Solutions.
  • Strengthen ICT knowledge for students and teachers.
  • Arrangement of Training, Workshops and Seminars.